Jan 16, 2021


Sprouting legumes, grains and seeds - and incorporating these into your daily diet - is an excellent way to boost your intake of antioxidants. Research has shown that sprouting legumes, grains and seeds dramatically increases their antioxidant content.

In addition to a boost in antioxidants, consuming sprouts has also been found to:

Oct 17, 2016


I am always looking for tasty ways to include more greens in my diet and enjoy mixing things up with different grains and flours where possible. Ticking off both my goals is this vegan silverbeet and asparagus frittata, which is made possible thanks to the chickpea flour batter. This frittata taste great both hot and cold and, with just a few simple ingredients and minimal clean up required, can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner any day of the week!

What you need:

Oct 10, 2016


This oil-free banana bread is the perfect sweet treat. It is a great use for those spotty bananas and uses simple ingredients that can be found in the barest of pantries. The apple sauce is the stand in for oil in this recipe, but you could also use the same amount of mashed white beans. 

What you need: 

Oct 9, 2016


A tofu scramble is a great breakfast option for those days when time is on your side. As well as packing in some hearty protein first thing in the morning, tofu is super versatile. Mexi-kale scramble brings together a rainbow of vegetables, healthy whole food fats, and a Mexican spice blend - with oregano, smoked paprika, garlic, cumin, coriander, and a little thyme. 

Get creative and build a scramble using a mix of the veggies you have on hand (capsicum, grated carrot and spinach or kale work great), a block of extra-firm tofu, and your favourite spice blend (such as Italian, Middle Eastern, Indian, and more)

Simple, delicious, vegan!

May 21, 2016


Day 14: Sunny Split Pea Soup + Seitan

Another recipe from Michelle Schwemann & Josh Hooten's Eat Like You Give A Damn: Recipe for the New Ethical Vegan. I made a few revisions - using a pressure cooker again to cut down on cooking times, adding way more swiss chard than specified (because greens are amazing for your health!), and throwing in some homemade seitan for added texture and heartiness. A nice warming meal for a cosy night in!

May 20, 2016


Day 13: Butternut Bisque with Coconut Swirl + Vegan Rice Paper "Bacon"

Like yesterday's soup, this was a SUPER speedy meal - requiring a quick heat through and blitz before serving. The recipe for this fragrant lime + coconut spiked pumpkin soup comes from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Isa Does It. I did find it a little on the sweet side (despite reducing the amount of rice malt - which I was using as a substitute for agave). I will definitely be making this again though, mainly because I loved the lime that really shone through the creamy richness of the coconut and pumpkin, but also because it was ready in just a few minutes (if you have a roasted pumpkin on hand) - which is a huge plus since time is such a limited resource these days! I added some experimental rice paper "bacon" before serving, which lessened the sweetness and added a smokiness that married well with the other aromatic flavours. 

May 19, 2016


Day 12: Ruby's Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is one of the classics. This recipe - from Michelle Schwegmann and Josh Hooten's Eat Like You Give A Damn: Recipes for the New Ethical Vegan was my first proper (as in, following a recipe) attempt at tomato soup. I was really impressed with how quickly it came together. It was ready in a matter of a few minutes. There wasn't even enough time to grab some bowls and set the table! If you are looking for a super speedy meal to warm you up (and boost those vitamin C levels sky high) then this is the soup for you!

May 18, 2016


Day 11: Sweet Potato & Red Curry Soup with Rice & Kale Green Beans + Sriracha

Another delicious recipe from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Isa Does It. Since fresh green beans were on special, I decided to substitute the kale in Isa's recipe for sliced (krisked) green beans - and it worked out really great! I also used brown rice instead of white and used the pressure cooker to reduce the total cooking time (since the brown rice would have added another 15-20 minutes). The red curry paste adds amazing fragrance to the dish and infuses the broth and the creamy sweet potato with the gorgeous flavours of lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime and chilli. This comforting soup is on the make again list for sure!

May 17, 2016


Day 10: Lemony Lentil and Potato Chowder + Sliced Jalapeños

Creamy potato + tangy lemon + spicy jalapeños = yum! The recipe for this creamy bowl of sunshine can also be found in Jill Nussinow's The New Fast Food: The Veggie Queen Pressure Cooks Whole Food Meals In Less Than 30 Minutes. Although Jill's recipe doesn't call for spicy jalapeños, I though they were the perfect addition!


This simple vegan banana bread recipe makes great use of those speckled and somewhat sad looking bananas that are hanging out in your fruit bowl!

What you need:

May 16, 2016


Day 9: Summer Minestrone

Although out of season, I decided to give this veggie-packed soup a go since I had all the necessary ingredients on hand. Made in a pressure cooker, this soup is ready in no time at all! The recipe comes from Jill Nussinow's The New Fast Food: The Veggie Queen Pressure Cooks Whole Food Meals In Less than 30 Minutes. The recipe is very straight forward and you can definitely substitute any of the veggies for your favourites (or even add more in... which is what I did!). I also topped it off with some sliced green olives for a nice sharp bite. 

May 15, 2016


Soup Week was so enjoyable it seemed wrong to limit it to 7 brief days. 

DAY 8: Smoky Split Pea Soup + Crusty Sourdough Bread

Incredibly straightforward to make (a true one-pot wonder), this smoky split pea soup only gets better when dished up the next day! I made this Appetite for Reduction recipe last night and had just enough for lunch today. The smokiness comes my fave spice - smoked paprika. The split peas melt away to make a creamy broth and diced carrots add the perfect amount of sweetness to balance the dish. My only complaint was that it didn't make quite enough for the promised 6 serves. Other than that, I think this would be a winner with any pea and ham soup eater.

May 14, 2016


DAY 7: New England Glam Chowder

This was the recipe that caught my attention when I first pored over Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Isa Does It. The reason it has taken years to actually make was the fishy-factor as well as my complete ignorance of what "authentic" clam chowder should be like. What I have come to realise is 1. who cares what the "original" (i.e. non-vegan) version of something is like, vegan food is not a substitute, it is a cuisine in its own right; and 2. I love to try new flavours and techniques, so this was a great opportunity to use nori in a new way! Moral to this story... this New England Glam Chowder worked out great and is now one of my favourite Soup Week creations. Unlike Isa's recipe, I used firm tofu in place of the button mushrooms, dried shiitake mushrooms instead of fresh, and left-over crushed Matzo rather than saltines. 

May 13, 2016


DAY 6: Lotsa Veggies Lentil Soup, Sriracha + Homemade Soy Yoghurt

Things I have learnt from soup week:

  • Soups are the ultimate make-ahead meal, you can double-batch them and have tasty soups hanging out in your freezer for weeks!
  • Giving your soup 10 minutes to cool down slightly before serving will allow the flavours to meld and the broth the reach the perfect temperature for you to appreciate all its subtleties
  • Soups are super versatile. You can substitute ingredients with ease or add in tonnes of extra veggies or pulses for hearty #protein and #phytonutrient rich dishes
  • Left overs are great for lunch! Fill a suitably-sized glass sauce/jam jar with last night's soup and tote it to work for a quick and simple midday meal. Plus, the flavours will develop over night making lunch even more delectable
Today's soup was another Isa Chandra Moskowitz inspired blend from her awesome Appetite for Reduction (with just a few adjustments: green capsicum in place of the celery, chicken-style vegan stock instead of vegetable, a generous splatter of Sriracha, a big dollop of homemade soy yoghurt, and some coriander for a fresh bite). 

May 12, 2016


DAY 5: Wild Rice Soup with Browned Seitan Sausages

Packed with protein, beta-carotene, and dietary fibre, this hearty and satisfying soup is perfect for a chilly autumn night. The recipe comes from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's fab Isa Does It with a few alterations: I swapped the wild rice for nutty brown rice and I used sliced Italian Feast Steamed Sausages (from Isa's Vegan Brunch) since I had these hanging out in the freezer. 

May 11, 2016


DAY 4: Bistro Broccoli Chowder + Gochujang-Spiked Soy Yoghurt

Four days in and I am not only enjoying some delicious soups, but I've also been learning some key soup lingo. Chowder, for anyone like me that wasn't clued up on the distinction, is a soup that is "prepared with [plant-based] milk or cream and thickened with broken [vegan-friendly] crackers, crushed ship biscuits, or a roux." This chowder comes from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Appetite for Reduction (Isa's awesome books have been getting quite the work out this week!). To spice it up a little, because (in my opinion) chilli is one of broccoli's BFFs, I topped this off with a gochujang-spiked yoghurt swirl. I also gave it a descent whack of roughly chopped parsley, which adds some iron to this vitamin C rich dish.


These old-school cinnamon buns can be made the day before and baked fresh in the morning. I made this batch for an early morning visit to my grandparent's property. They worked out perfectly... warming up and filling the car with the heavenly scent of cinnamon whilst we weaved our way up the hills. Not only did they receive rave reviews - "better than the ones from the bakery!", but I even got a text from my nan that night to say thanks again for such a lovely morning tea. Nawhhhh!

What you need:

May 10, 2016


DAY 3: Tortilla Soup + Homemade Soy Yoghurt

I have been intrigued by tortilla soup for quite a while now. I love Mexican flavours, but am not a huge fan of tomato based 'broths'. Since it is #SoupWeek though, it seemed like the perfect time to give tortilla soup a go and boy am I glad I did! It was super tasty, fresh, and had the right amount of kick from a couple of finely diced jalapeños. I used Isa Chandra Moskowitz's recipe from Appetite for Reduction, with a few minor alterations (black beans instead of pinto, 1 medium green capsicum in place of the  poblano chilli, no chilli flakes, and a generous dollop of homemade soy yoghurt to serve). Easy and inexpensive, I will definitely be making this again!

May 9, 2016


DAY 2: Chickpea-Rice Soup with Cabbage + Herbed Dumplings

Another easy-to-make and satisfying soup from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Isa Does It. I made a few revisions to Isa's ingredient list and method by substituting the fresh dill for some dried tarragon (as the dill in the grocer's looked very sad and the internet told me that tarragon would do the trick), and using brown rice (cooking for an additional 25 minutes before adding in the veggies). I also added some whole wheat herbed dumplings (recipe below) into the pot and cooked for a further 15 minutes.


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Two words - ABSOLUTELY LUSCIOUS! This baked lemon cheesecake is super easy to make (just a little pre-thought required to ensure you have enough time to chill it in the fridge) and tastes so incredibly heavenly. The crust is "buttery" and tastes just like an ordinary biscuit base (but adds fibre and healthy fats from the oats, buckwheat, and almonds). The filling is part-fluffy-lemon-curd, part-indulgent-vanilla-creaminess. I made this as a Mother's Day treat for dessert last night, so only had one slice left today to capture a quick shot of (before it too was devoured!) 

What you need: