Mar 16, 2012


wow! so excited... i am going to use some of the tofu that i froze last week (check it out at 'freezin' ma tofu') before i can add my flash fried tofu to a fab vegan dish i need to do a tiny bit of prep!


to thaw out the tofu i cheated a little and used the microwave... but if you'd prefer you can be more organised that i am and take it out of the freezer the night before and leave it in the fridge to defrost.

i popped 1 portion (1/3 of a block of tofu) into a microwave safe bowl and whacked it on for 5 minutes on defrost/low... this wasn't quite long enough (it all depends on your mircowave's wattage - so adjust accordingly) i zapped mine for a further 5 minutes and it was perfectly defrosted and ready to drain.

i then placed the defrosted block between some paper towel and gave it a good squeeze into the sink. once it was nice and 'dry' i sliced it up and gave it a quick fry-off in a hot pan with a tiny little bit of vegetable oil.

done! and ready to enjoy... (p.s. it tastes so good right out of the pan that you will need to exercise some will power not to eat it all if you are using it in another recipe!)

i added these fried tofu pieces to a wikid vegan vegetable pilaf, but it would also be great in a vegan vegetable curry, stirfry, eaten as a snack (yum!) or crumbled over a saucy vegan pasta dish!

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