Mar 7, 2012


firm tofu
i have never frozen tofu before... i am a complete tofu freezing newbie... but after reading flyingvegan's blog post on how easy it is to do i gathered up some courage and gave it a go! and... so far so good! 

all you need is a block of tofu, cut into serving size pieces and a few sandwich bags, or a plastic contact as i used, and a freezer

i sliced my tofu block into 3 pieces and whacked them in my suitably sized container, which i then placed it in the freezer drawer - done!

tofu ready for freezing
now when i want to use it i will grab it out and thaw it in the fridge or microwave (as per flyingvegan's instruction) and (most definitely) use it an amazingly delicious tofu dish!


  1. WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! I can freeze tofu? I think I can hear angels singing..

    Thanks for this little bit of info :) You kind of just changed my life.

    1. i was really excited ti give this a go since i always end up madly trying to find ways to use up the tofu i buy that is getting close to its used by date - but this is the perfect solution and gives a completely different product (perfect for stirfry or curry) yay!