Feb 2, 2013


the latest in my salad series was a pad thai-style salad smothered in a creamy peanut-lime dressing. as i had no limes on hand i subbed the ¼ cup of lime juice for fresh lemon juice, reduced the water by half and added the extra peanuts for the salad to the dressing to make it a little less loose and a lot more creamy. this crunchy salad was crisp and refreshing and really quick to pull together with the right ingredients on hand. i did have to make a special trip to the asian grocer for some bean sprouts as i decided it just wouldn’t be pad thai-style without them. although this hasn’t been my fav salad from isa chandra’s appetite for reduction so far, it was a nice change to feast on some fresh asian flavours (and after the rotten day i had, this fresh and crunchy salad had a pretty tough job of inspiring any sense of enthusiasm from me)

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