Jan 30, 2013


i have mentioned before that i have an overflowing bookcase full of amazing vegan cookbooks, which are in turn full of inspiring recipes and ideas. although i spend alot of my spare time flicking through their pages, i have only managed to work my way through a small number of these fab recipes. there are just too many dishes and not enough meals in a day! but i have made a rule that i cannot buy anymore cookbooks until i have exhausted the books i currently have (this of course is an ambitious rule, which i am likely to break if i happen to find myself surfing the pages of bookdepository.co.uk!)

but if there is one thing i would like to enhancing it would be my determination... so here is the first of my anticipated to be many dishes - kale, tofu and quinoa bowl with creamy caesar chavez dressing. thank you to isa chandra for this recipe, taken from her really awesome book 'appetite for reduction' - i swapped out the brown rice for white quinoa, as i had cooked a batch earlier that day, and pan fried the tofu rather than going with baked as a time saver (it was lunch time and my stomach was waiting!!)

the caesar chavez dressing was super simple to whip up and has been rated as an all-time favorite in my house. if you own isa chandra's appetite for reduction then this one is a must, if not i would definitely recommend adding it to your wish list or seeking it out in your local library!

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  1. Yummy! How do I do the caesar chavez dressing? O_O