Nov 23, 2012


well  i certainly enjoyed my first thanksgiving day dinner with my family (who all rocked up wearing red, white and blue - i was well impressed!!) 

to celebrate the holiday i made my very first vegan pumpkin pie (not sure that it was 100% legit as i have never tasted (or seen for that matter) a traditional pumpkin pie, but it certainly went down well!); a tasty corn pudding (with homemade bacon bits); steamed green beans; mashed spiced yams; rosemary roasted beets; and glazed up a sanitarium veggie roast roll with some delish rosemary and mint glaze. 

i was super thankful that every dish was thoroughly enjoyed and cruelty free! 

every day i am thankful that more and more people are becoming aware of the amazingness that is veganism! 

happy thanksgiving everyone! 

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