Sep 12, 2012


considering i left uni early, with the aim of catching up on readings and assignment work, but subsequently getting distracted by other, less studious activities (such as watching tv and the week's meal planning) i felt that i should make a special effort for dinner and tackle a couple more recipes from my ever expanding cookbook collection! 

the candle 79 cookbook is impressive - the photos are mouthwatering and the presentation is inspiring! unfortunately i also find the book to be a little intimidating... mainly because every dish looks so amazing, and i question my ability to achieve anything even slightly resemblant. 

i had already decided miso soup would be the starter in my two course dinner creation but needed a suitably 'asian' main. i pulled out the candle 79 cookbook and the cover picture made up my mind. although the entire dish required the combination of 4 components i had an hour and went for it. using ingredients on hand i substituted the seitan cutlets for tofu and followed the marinating and crumbing steps. i also switched the soba noodles for sticky brown rice i had cooked the day before. 

i have to admit i am really proud of the result (which doesn't look the best in the hurried photo i took before serving... simply because i wanted to get it on the table and dig in!) i would definitely recommend giving one of the candle 79 cookbook recipes a go for a fancy dinner party - they are guaranteed to impress! 

i will post my 2-course dinner "how to" soon, but for now back to that reading! 

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