Aug 24, 2012


inspired by the amazing salad I enjoyed in cork from ‘very health food’ (see my post on cork) i decided to buy my own sprouting setup. my first ‘harvest’ were some crispy and tasty mung bean sprouts perfect for this crisp and crunchy sprouted salad.


1-2 cups of your favourite salad basics (i used carrot, cucumber, mushrooms and some chickpeas); quantity depending on how hungry you are
small handful of fresh bean sprouts

using a V-slicer i finely shredded the carrot and cucumber (omitting the seedy section). i then chopped up the mushrooms into small cube-like pieces and mixed my basics with ½ cup of chickpeas and the yummy sprouts. for a bit of bite I drizzled a little sweet chilli sauce over the top and got stuck in!

serves 1 for a filling lunch

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