Jun 13, 2012


with just a few weeks left in madrid i am trying to be creative and use my remaining 'stock on hand' in the fridge, freezer and pantry! last night i remembered a packet of wonton wrappers i had picked up sometime ago but never had the chance to dedicate myself to using.

using some cooked brown rice, frozen spinach, mushroom and kombu seasweed as a filling i was ready to knuckle down and whip up a batch of tasty little wontons for my dinner (and many more for later use - yum!)


1 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice, cooled
3/4 cup of frozen spinach, thawed
1/4 cup of kombu seaweed, cooked and pureed in a food processor
3/4 cup of mushrooms, finely diced and cooked  (i used some plain old button mushies, but shitake would also be great)
450ml water
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
1 tablespoon of rice wine vinegar
1 3x1cm chunk of ginger, cut into pieces and crushed slightly to release its flavour
1 teaspoon of miso paste
1 tablespoon of kombu seaweed, extra
1 packet of wonton wrappers (make sure you read the ingredients as some wonton wrappers will contain egg, look out for the white wrappers but check the labels to be sure)

combine the brown rice, spinach, kombu seaweed and mushrooms to make your filling. if frozen, defrost the wonton wrappers (i popped mine into the microwave on defrost for about 30 seconds).

place 1 teaspoon of the filling mix in the middle of the wrapper, rub a little water around the two front edges, fold into a triangle and press firmly to seal. take the egdes (or wings) of the triangle and roll behind the filling 'bulge'. press the two 'wings' together firmly to join. continue with the remaining wrappers and filling mix.

place the water in a small saucepan and bring to the boil. add the ginger and cook for 3 mins. add the rice wine vinegar, soy sauce and 5-6 wontons (placing the extras into the freezer for another day), cover and cook for 5 mins on a medium heat. take 1 tablespoon of the broth and combine with the miso paste. remove the saucepan from the heat and stir in the miso paste. add the seaweed (and any other veg as desired - such as spring onion or finely chopped asian greens)

soup serves 1
makes roughly 30 wontons

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