May 1, 2012


another weekend break (this time is gorgeous, sunny sardina) has meant no cooking for me... but... i did spend some of my days sitting on the beach, listening to the waves crash, whilst reading michael pollan's the ominvore's dilemma. i had a few reasons for choosing this title... the first being that i heard it had received good reviews; the second, being in madrid means finding an international book store with a book you actually are intrigued to read is a little bit challenging; and finally i love food and all discussion about it.

to cut this long story short... there was a particular point that pollan makes about the internet which turned on a light it my head; that being "... the beauty of the internet is that it allows like-minded people to find their tribes…the internet splinters us into tribes that want to go their own way"

how true. being vegan can sometimes feel a little isolating... you are often put in the 'too hard' basket and when living in an area that has a minimal vegan population, or visiting a country with a limited understanding of the concept - times can be tough! 

but then there's the internet. an amazing source of information, inspiring ideas, and a window to the prosperity of other vegan communities.

i felt it fitting to write a few words about those blogs that have inspired me and kept me feeling connected to the passion i have for food and beliefs i hold strong about what i choose to eat.

so here they are... (in no particular order) some of my fav blogs by amazing photographers, collators and bright minds: 

vegan breakfast: with amazing photos that just make you want to run into the kitchen, whip out a mixing bowl or frying pan as required and cook up a breakfast storm! the design of this site is deliciously simple and clean. love love love the collation of a community's ideas and inspiration

the vegan stoner: this site is true genius-ness! the use of cute and charismatic cartoons character ingredients is gold! i remember back to my tafe days when i was studying commercial cookery and would draw little pictures to organise what kitchen 'tools' i would need and the order in which to whack together each required dish - makes me reminisce! oh and the photos - wow! 

have cake, will travel: without an oven in which is bake some delish vegan goodies i am restricted to drooling over the keyboard of my laptop when browsing the pages of this gorgeous blog! the stylings are simple and sophisticated, and the recipes look so homely that i automatically miss the joys of baking and being at home with my family

vegan yack attack: love the title, love the photos, love the recipe ideas... this site is a fav! with step-by-step pics to guide you along the way to vegan yumminess. the directions are easy to follow and the design is top notch. every new recipe that pops up just makes me want to cook! 

an unrefined vegan: simple, hearty, honest vegan meal ideas are definitely top on my list for inspiration. i strive to eat and live healthy (although this, of late, has been very rarely the case following a little too much indulgence in order to populate my blog with yummy vegan meal ideas) so finding a blog with straight forward, healthy vegan dishes is a delight! these home cooked meals are just the kind of thing i would be whipping up back in australia to sit down and enjoy with family.

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