Mar 22, 2012


having arrived in berlin on a work trip (followed by a couple of days of sightseeing - yay!), im excited to check out the sights and the vegan scene b-town has to offer! i have noted a descent number of vegan restaurants on and will be doing my best to sample their wares! 

during my initial expedition to find an ATM that would accept my spanish credit card, i stumbled across a lidl and thought it would be a good idea (using the 5 euros that i had to my name at this point) to buy a few supplies! unfortunately the lidl was very light on with vegan-friendly stock - but i did manage to pick up a bunch of bananas (at 0,75/kg - nice!) and a semi-loaf of roggenvolkornbrot. 

label deciphering in german (when i speak zero german) was a little challenging - but i think with a little common sense and some rough translations i made it through ok... milch = milk, hefe = yeast, salz = salt, invertzuckersirup = invert sugar syrup (a nice easy one!), natursauerteig = natural sourdough... you get the idea! 

despite roaming the isles i wasnt able to spot any soy milk, so black/green tea it is! luckily i remebered to mention to the hotel that i would massively appreciate some soy milk at breakfast... so i will be trying out soy milk - german style - tomorrow morning!

for now, i am off to see some berlin sights and enjoy the not-so-cold weather whilst it lasts!

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