Mar 14, 2012


throwing an intimate cocktail soiree, or perhaps a pre-drinks get-together and find out that there is a vegan on the guest list?! dont panic... a few cheap and easy winners to add to the shopping list:
- nuts (almonds and cashews are generally a good bet)
- vegan-friendly potato chips (generally your plain crisps as manufacturers tend to add milk powder, animal-based flavourings and the like to the others)
- guacamole or homemade bean dip with some fresh and crunchy vegetable dippers
- seasoned popcorn (add a dash of nutritional yeast flakes and a tad of chili powder to a bag of microwave poppers
- a mix of olives, semi-dried tomatoes or even dolmades (you may want to double check the ingredient list on the side of the tin just to be sure!)
- and last but certainly not least... some crusty bread, good quality evoo and perhaps (if you want to be a little more alternative) some dukkah for dipping

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