Mar 6, 2012


these smashed chickpea flat-breads (from jamie oliver's jamie's kitchen cookbook) are one of the best ways to make your own bread at home - they are super easy and go great with salads, pasta dishes (rubbed with a bit of oil and finely chopped garlic), as a pita-pocket, or just on their own as a snack

alas, i am in madrid and don't have the jamie book handy - but if you do these are a definte must!!

they demand you usual bread-making ingredients... so flour, yeast, water, some oil. then to make them special you throw in a can (400g) of chickpeas that you have rinsed and roughly smooshed with a fork along with a couple of teaspoons of roughly ground cumin seeds

i make the dough in the kitchenaid with the dough hook and then leave the mixer bowl covered with some cling film and a tea towel over the top near the window in our lounge room (which is super sunny) until it doubles in size... knock it back and then divide, shape and throw them in the oven in batches straight on the rungs - they puff up and bake in around 8 mins (if i recall correctly) and then can be put on a cake rack until they are cool enough to pack away

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  1. I will be making this! Making my mouth Water!!