Mar 9, 2012


that's right! i love eating raw - so salads tend to be a staple for me... as well as being a good way of getting your essential vitamins and minerals, it is also a very low energy density meal that can be very satiating (filling!) which is excellent if you are (like me) looking for a way to lose the winter weight!

for a bit more fill-factor i have added some cous cous (need i say... remember to check the brand you buy doesn't contain any egg!) to this mix of finely shredded red cabbage, diced tomatoes, rocket, shaved carrot and raisins - yum!

(this was a bit of a rushed job for tomorrow's lunch using what i had on hand in the fridge. as i am off to switzerland for the weekend i haven't done a proper produce shop. when i get back i'm plan to go a bit crazy at frutalia in order to restock the fridge!)

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