May 13, 2016


DAY 6: Lotsa Veggies Lentil Soup, Sriracha + Homemade Soy Yoghurt

Things I have learnt from soup week:

  • Soups are the ultimate make-ahead meal, you can double-batch them and have tasty soups hanging out in your freezer for weeks!
  • Giving your soup 10 minutes to cool down slightly before serving will allow the flavours to meld and the broth the reach the perfect temperature for you to appreciate all its subtleties
  • Soups are super versatile. You can substitute ingredients with ease or add in tonnes of extra veggies or pulses for hearty #protein and #phytonutrient rich dishes
  • Left overs are great for lunch! Fill a suitably-sized glass sauce/jam jar with last night's soup and tote it to work for a quick and simple midday meal. Plus, the flavours will develop over night making lunch even more delectable
Today's soup was another Isa Chandra Moskowitz inspired blend from her awesome Appetite for Reduction (with just a few adjustments: green capsicum in place of the celery, chicken-style vegan stock instead of vegetable, a generous splatter of Sriracha, a big dollop of homemade soy yoghurt, and some coriander for a fresh bite). 

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