Aug 29, 2012


i was super excited (as you may understand) about finding a reliable source of good quality, local, seasonal produce at a good price last weekend – and as a result have a fridge that is almost overflowing with glowing f+v

with so much bright and fresh veggies at hand i decided that a hearty vegan hotpot (served with some delish giant cous-cous) would be a fab idea – and i was right!


5-6 cups of roughly diced mixed vegetables (i used silverbeet, carrots, red capsicum, mushrooms, and a tin of chickpeas [drained]) 
1 400g tin of diced italian tomatoes
1/2 a red onion, finely diced
1 packet of giant cous cous, cooked as directed on the packet
seasoning, as required

saute the red onion in a medium sized saucepan. add the dried oregano. add the giant cous cous and cook as directed on the packet. saute/stir-fry your mixed vegetables in a separate wok or saute pan until tender (adding the carrots and capsicum first to soften, then the mushrooms, silverbeet and tinned chickpeas). add the tinned tomatoes and season to taste. serve alongside the tasty cous cous and enjoy! 

serves 4 

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