Jun 17, 2012


thank you to my wonderful housemates for their enthusiasm and willingness to try something new! as a farewell to two of the girls from the apartment and to celebrate my birthday we all headed to bar kunin in lavapies - a barrio (neighbourhood) showcasing various ethnic influences and... a great vegan bar! 

with its animal activist pamphlets and heavy metal music i felt quite at home, and was so excited to try their vegan take on traditional tapas dishes! the vegan chorizo was great... as was their 'cheese' tostas - yum! we tried everything but 2 dishes on their chalkboard menu and everyone at the table was very impressed with the food (clean plates all round) and their new experience - vegan ftw!

when in madrid definitely check this place out! you can find the address deets on happycow.net  


  1. Happy Birthday! you have an amazing blog. Looks like you are a very talented cook

    1. thank you for the birthday wishes and the kind words!! i am currently travelling around europe... today being day 10 and i am already missing the kitchen :P