Mar 11, 2012


i have to admit, i was a little concerned how i would fare in geneva. after a search on happy cow things were looking pretty dim! but if you are prepared to do a bit of self prep - you are totally sorted! after an amazing ferry ride across the gorgeous lac léman, and a short wander around town, i stumbled upon 'manor' and its food market. "wow!" amazing produce, great range, fresh-fresh-fresh! (ok... and a little pricey... but when in rome/geneva!)

i picked up a few things to keep me going for the weekend (strawberries, blueberries, a carton of soy milk, a bag of ready-to-go salad greens, a toasty baguette, a tub of hummus with chili oil (yum!!), and a fresh-made fruit juice) and i was on my way! although the 'vegan' section was considerably limited - meaning your usual veggie burgers and soy/non-dairy milk range (being almost non-existent!) the diversity of fresh fruit and vegetables more than made up for that!

check out my facebook page to see some of the quick pics i took at manor food

more information on manor can be found on their website at


  1. You just reminded me of how terribly 2 weeks in Iceland is going to be. I completely forgot that I'm going to have to do a LOT of planing in order to eat. Smeh :( Happy you found a little market, though! :) Hopefully I can do the same.

    1. thanks Ashlae and good luck!! btw - iceland looks amaaaazing!! i saw an article about it in the in-flight mag on my way here (unfortunately no reference to good places for a vegan to eat tho, no surprises there tho! :P) have an great time!