Mar 31, 2012


after enjoying their vegan menu del dia i checked out ecocentro's tienda (shop), which i found packed with shelf upon shelf of great vegan food, cleaning, and personal care products, books, and more! i picked up a loaf of fab looking linseed bread, some dried red kidney beans and a packet of kombu seaweed to add to my future miso soup attempts. check out my facebook page to find the pics from my visit to ecocentro (calle esquillache 2 al 12, junto av. pablo iglesias, 2. 28003 madrid)

upon my return back to my apartment, after a brilliant walk in the sunshine (which i am so super grateful for after surviving my first european winter), i sawed off a few small slices of the crusty loaf and enjoyed it with a good smothering of my homemade hummus - yum! 

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