Mar 12, 2012


my confession! i am a tiny-little-bit addicted to buying cook books! especially those with awesome photos of delicious food! any time i'm anywhere really... and i stumble across a book shop (particularly when i'm on holiday) i head on in to the cook book section and see if i can find any new vegan reads!

yesterday i happened to spot an international book store (not that i wouldn't be keen to translate a foreign language text if it seemed worthwhile) and found 2 books that i am going to check out online! (being away from home, and have a restriction on baggage weight, means heavy books aren't the best thing to be shopping for)
the two titles that i had a flick through were 'raw food real world' - which looked great! and 'raw food kitchen' - which also had some good ideas and inspiring photography

some of the fab vegan books i have added to my treasured collection include:
  • 'vegan brunch', 'veganomicon' and 'appetite for reduction' by isa chandra moskowitz;
  • 'viva vegan' by terry hope romero;
  • 'colour me vegan' by colleen patrick-goudreau;
  • 'big vegan' by robin asbell;
  • 'babycakes' and 'babycakes covers the classics by erin mckenna; and
  • 'sweet vegan' by emily mainquist
just to name a few!

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